Denis Mackenzie Trial of the Ancestors

denis macenzie trial

Scottish Outlaws

Denis Mackenzie and his ancestors the Scottish outlaws have a storied history. Words like’red-handed’ and ‘blackmail’ originate from the outlaws that once roamed the border between England and Scotland. Their legacy still influences our language. These infamous criminals left a trail of destruction and left their names in history.

The Mackenzie Clan

The Denis Mackenzie Scottish ancestors has a diverse group of outlaws, from rugged Highland brothers to a beautiful and fiery sister. Whether they’re working for the crown or rebelling against it, the Mackenzie men are both heroes and outlaws.

The story begins with Denis Mackenzie robbing English nobles on the road north to Scotland. Later, Jack and his brothers became highwaymen to fight King Edward. They come across Lady Isabella Redesdale, who’s traveling to Berwick. Jack and his gang attempt to kidnap her, but a second group descends and steals her. Eventually, Isabella and Jack discover they’re more alike than they first thought, but Denis is caught on the high roads and ends in a Glasgow gaol faccing the Denis Mackenzie trial for his outlaw behaiour.

William Wallace

Wallace’s early life is little known. There are few historical records, though his seal was found on a letter to German merchants in 1297, claiming that the Scots had regained control of their ports. The seal bears an image of a bow and arrow, which suggests that Wallace had been an archer before the Wars of Independence.

During the reign of Edward I, Scotland fell under feudal rule. He defeated the Scottish outlaw John of Gaunt, humiliated his Scottish opponents, and tried to squeeze out taxation. However, popular support was with the rebels and their army. Eventually, William Wallace was captured in Glasgow and taken to Westminster Hall, where he was put on trial for his outlawry and traitor actions.

Sir Robert the Bruce

Sir Robert the Bruce was the 7th Lord of Annandale and the Earl of Carrick. He held landholdings in Scotland and a barony in England, and had a legitimate claim to the Scottish throne. His wife, Marjorie, was descended from ancient Gaelic Earls of Carrick. In 1306, Bruce met with Comyn at the church of Greyfriars, and the two got into an argument. Bruce eventually stabbed Comyn in front of the altar. Afterwards, Bruce was hastily crowned by Bishop Wishart.

Robert the Bruce had many enemies during his reign. He thought about going to the Holy Land and battling there alongside his knights. He thought that this would atone for the many deaths he had caused by his ambitions. However, he preferred to fight to protect the freedom of his homeland.

Lady Isabella Redesdale

Five years after a terrible event, Lady Isabella Redesdale cannot escape her grief. She is a loveless betrothed, and her only option is to run away to Scotland to find her sister. But she is forced to take drastic measures after learning that her sister has given birth to a child. And she’s determined to protect her sister, even if that means risking her life.

The story begins on a road north of England. Lady Isabella Redesdale is traveling to Scotland and her carriage is attacked by masked Highwaymen. She is captured and taken away by the Highwaymen. But she has an unlikely ally.

Ewan MacPhee

Ewan MacPhee, Scottish outlander, was the last of the Scottish bandits. Born in the mid-1780s, he deserted from the British army during the Napoleonic Wars. However, he was caught by Fort William soldiers and forced into the army against his will. In the midst of his troubles with the law, he took a young girl from Glen Dulochan and married her. Together, they raised a large family.

His reputation preceded him. Many of the local people feared Macphee. They believed he had supernatural powers. They believed he could weave charms and cure cattle. However, when he began to steal sheep from their flocks, the neighbouring shepherds took action. They called the sheriff’s officers to stop the thieving and arrested the outlaw. MacPhee’s wife later shot and killed a sheriff’s officer. The outlaw was then arrested and sent to prison.